Retrograde Planets

The Planets move around their orbits at different speeds and along different trajectories. When they approach the Earth, there appears an optical illusion.

It looks like a planet slows down, stops and starts moving in the opposite direction. In astrology this means that it changes from direct to stationary and then to retrograde motion.

The planets have a period of retrograde. Mercury goes retrograde for several weeks 3-4 times a year. Saturn and Jupiter for 4-5 months once a year. Mars and Venus are retrograde once every two years. The Sun and Moon can’t retrograde. The Lunar nodes of Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde.

Each planet affects a certain sphere of human life. During its retrograde period, the sphere comes to the forefront. There takes place repetitions and looping of processes, delays and obstacles appear. That is a distorted influence of a planet, which leads to difficulties with a harmonious manifestation of its qualities. If several planets are retrograde at once, many processes slow down and cant develop.

Retrograde reveals karmic debts that should be paid back. Before moving forward, we have to pay attention to unresolved issues and rethink our experience.

At the same time, the nature of the planet becomes introspective, that is , directed inwards. Therefore, retrograde period is unfavorable for new beginnings but contributes to inner work in the sphere a planet is responsible for.

Mercury In Retrograde

It affects thinking, vocal matters and communication as well as how accurate one’s judgements are. During this period, you need to be attentive to the words, as people can misunderstand each other. There may be a lot of mistakes, distorted and forgotten information and learning delays. The risk of equipment breakdowns and accidents increases.

During this period it is not recommended to start new ventures and projects, conduct transactions, deal with finances and make expensive purchases. On the other hand, this is an auspicious time to complete things you have been putting off for a long time, to organize documents to declutter your tech, gadgets and home.

You can return to educational courses you put on hold. Meditations, spiritual practices, affirmations can help to calm your mind and enter the state of the creator. One can come up with creative ideas, so keeping a diary might be useful. Mercury retrograde is also favorable for working on negative psychological patterns.

Mars In Retrograde 

Exhaustion, lack of motivation, indecision and apathy might arise. It can be difficult to realize and express your anger. This might lead to passive aggression and sudden outburst of rage. The risk of injury and burns, equipment breakdowns increases. It is best to avoid buying real estate.

This period is favorable for working on your anger and the way to experience it safely, as well as on the ability to protect your boundaries and interests. Retrograde Mars teaches us to manage and balance energy, to make decisions. Grounding and relaxation practices, deep breathing and keeping a diary of emotions can help.

Venus In Retrograde

This period can lead to difficulties in relationships with other people: misunderstanding, reproaches, jealousy, it also affects the perception of other people’s actions. Retrograde returns us to past scenarios in relationships, awakening nostalgia for previous romantic experiences.

Ex-partners both in relationships and in business can come back. It is difficult to express your feelings, to establish close spiritual contact. The perception of beauty is distorted, so it is better to avoid radical changes when it comes to appearance or style.

It is favorable to listen to yourself, reconsider your values, get a better understanding of your role in a relationship, key scenarios in marriage. It is also a good idea to work on realizing your needs, finding harmonious ways to express and receive love. avoid buying any kind of vehicle.

Jupiter In Retrograde

Draws one’s attention to the matter of studying and mentoring, professional realization, finances. During this period, we mostly rely on judgements and guidelines that were formed as a result of our own experience and inner work rather than on those coming from the outside.

There may be difficulties with accepting authority, excessive criticism, a tendency to devalue other other people’s opinions and argue. Solving any legal issues can be tricky.

During this period, it is favorable to turn from the external to the internal: reconsider goals and priorities, work on fears and patterns, rethink actions, work on internal development. explore new areas of knowledge. This is the time to build an inner support system and values that will become our main guiding stars.

Saturn In Retrograde

Distorts the sense of time. This happens about a week before the state of the transit and keeps going for several weeks after it ends. People can forget about their agreements, reschedule meetings, run late or come earlier, miss deadlines.

It can be difficult to keep up with everything and manage time effectively. Retrograde Saturn makes us reconsider our professional values and guidelines, attitudes toward service and work . Work, construction and renovation processes can slow down and even stop.

It is believed that this is the time for solving difficult but necessary tasks. It is favorable for one to remember old obligations, promises and start fulfilling them. Saturn teaches us to manage our time and wait patiently.

The influence of the planets on each person mainly depends on their position in the birth chart, direct or retrograde movement. A professional astrologer can provide a more accurate analysis of the periods.

credit: Moonly