Vibration Plate For Wellness

What is Whole Body Vibration?

Whole body vibration(WBV) stimulates your lower body and core muscles while you stand on the plate. Traditional machines deliver vibration through high frequency, and low amplitude.

Our Dr. Fuji  Vibration Platform provides the body with lower frequency and greater vertical displacement or amplitude. Thus, providing a more effective, yet more comfortable experience.

Research shows that traditional low amplitude WBV platforms produce such results as:

  • Increased muscle/nerve output (strength factor)
  • Increased bone density (osteoporosis improvements)
  • Increases in lean muscle mass
  • Greater flexibility
  • Similar results to traditional weight lifting without unnecessary strain and, therefore, less injury

Studies compared body weight exercises on vibration vs. land-based resistance training. Studies performed over year time span.

Other Benefits Include:

Training on a Whole Body Platform will correct your body’s imbalances!
Be sure your body is in proper alignment during exercises ~ Then let the platform do its thing!
The vibrations challenge each side of your body equally which helps correct imbalances.

  • This is why there are several reports of pain relief during vibration training. When you perform exercises with a full range of motion, vibration can then effect the entire muscle.
  • Boosts heart rate (Cardiovascular Fitness)
  • Strengthens the bones (Anti-aging!)
  • Gives your body the ability to respond faster (Anti-aging!)
  • Helps increase muscle tone
  • Wakes up the nervous system (Can make you stronger and quicker!)