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Holistic Wellness Beauty  presents ACCESSIBLE YOGA!!! We believe that all people—regardless of ability or background—deserve equal access to yoga. 

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Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing 60 min Session specifically works through each of the chakras to bring you balance, restore energy, and invite relaxation.

Restorative Session

60 min Restorative Session consist of 3-4 restorative yoga poses where you lie supine on the floor. You may like a blanket(s), pillows, blocks, and perhaps a bolster to support you in your practice. You may also choose to further invite relaxation with incense or aromatherapy. Soothing music, singing bowls, or bells will soothe your mind as you drop into your experience

Mindful Breath & Movement

Mindful Breath & Movement (60min) session consists of gentle, mindful (yoga) movement for those with flexibility or injury challenges. This can be done on a chair easily or mat by incorporating props and many household items can also work.

Time To Rest

Time To REST (60min) Session includes a Guided Rest (yoga nidra) along with relaxing healing sounds.

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Mindfulness is the committed energy of being aware of our present moment while holding non-judgmental awareness of our physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions.  

As the definition suggests, the present moment is made up of our physical, mental, and emotional experiences. When we commit to moments of mindfulness in our daily lives, we will become more attune to our outer and inner states – noticing sensations, thoughts, and emotions that have been possibly ignored for a long time. In mindfulness, we learn to be with our experiences and internal states of being in an authentic and tolerant way.  




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