Holistic Wellness Consultation


During this 60 minute healing session, we offer individualized coaching to address self-limiting beliefs using a variety of approaches to help you achieve optimal wellness, including facilitating an awareness of essential values, guided mindfulness  and meditation techniques, lifestyle and nutritional counseling, and when appropriate, herbal formulas and/or supplements, we develop tools and resources unique to your goals, and cultivate a relationship with your experience that fosters a sense of wholeness and peace.

We review your Holistic Wellness Quiz . We dive deep into your goals & current habits. We map out a Wellness Plan Personalized just for you!

    • Our Focus Is On Holistic Health, Wellness, and Movement

Holistic Wellness Beauty is  committed to creating a platform where everyone can reach their ideal level of holistic health and beauty. 

We encourage a holistic approach to wellness where you:

  • Balance and integrate yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Establish healthy and respectful relationships with others and the world around you
  • Make lifestyle choices that promote your wellness
  • Participate actively in your own health decisions and healing process.

Our sessions are in person or online video-chat

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Ayurveda is a holistic health approach that originated in India thousands of years ago. It focuses on rebalancing the life forces, called doshas, within your body.

As experienced Ayurvedic practitioners, we conduct an in-depth doshic evaluation to determine what your natural state of being is, identify any imbalances, explore concerns, and set health and wellness goals together.

Ayurveda emphasizes self-care techniques that can bring you into balance, through diet, lifestyle, stress management, and if needed, herbs and seasonal cleansing, Thus Returning Your Body & Mind To A Balanced State.

Under the direction of:

Crystal Lorraine RYT500, Licensed Beauty Educator & Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner

We offer one-on-one Ayurvedic consultations, Yoga Nidra, and meditations, yoga, personal meal services and other forms of Vedic Counseling in which we take a holistic approach to help clients adjust their lifestyle to achieve balance, reduce stress, and lessen chronic and acute health conditions.

We are excited to help clients assess the areas in their lives in which they seek balance most. Through instruction, education, love, and guidance, offering clients personalized service that result in seeing their true Self, their highest potential, living a happier and healthier life according to their true nature¬† ‚Äď physically, emotionally, and spiritually.






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