Electric Sitz Bath




  • 1 Electric Sitz Bath {batteries not included}

Our Herbal sitz bath is an excellent way to relieve pain, reduce swelling, improve healing.

Holistic Wellness Beauty offers many different herbs that are safe and helpful for tissue healing to assist with the healing of hemorrhoids, candida, vaginal yeast infections and UTI’s as well as in the postpartum period.

How do I prepare the herbs?

When preparing a sitz bath, you can think of it like making a very large batch of very strong tea. Use a stock pot and boil water on the stove. Add sitz bath herbs, then remove from heat and let herbs steep in water for at least 4-6 hours (overnight is great).

If you make a very strong batch, you can dilute it with warm water when it comes time to use the sitz bath, so the tea is warm on your tissue (avoid using too hot of water/tea).

Holistic Wellness Beauty’s herbs come in a large tea bag for your convenience.

Feel free to make a large batch, then save what you don’t use in the fridge (herbs are food-grade, so it is best to keep them refrigerated if unused for a few days).

When and how often should I use herbal sitz baths?

It is safe to use our herbal sitz baths quite often. Once a day for 7 days is very helpful in restoring your healing.


  • 【360° AUTOMATIC RINSING】After starting the button, the water under your hip will automatically wash. The sprinkler head can 360° rotate, it can be moved to the lower part of the anus or vagina for cleaning.  (Requires 2 AA batteries)
  • 【COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN】Unfold size(15″x14″x6″), Folded size(15″x14″x2″). Fits most toilets. After folding, space-saving, easy to store.
  • 【PAIN RELIEF】Holistic Wellness Beauty  Herbal Sitzbath can help relieve external & internal hemorrhoids, anal fissures, boils, perineal or postpartum – issues, constipation bleeding, Inflamed prostates, or Bartholin cysts. It is also perfect for yoni steam and vaginal cleansing.
  • 【HEALTHY MATERIALS】Made of medical-grade plastic and silicone, BPA free, reusable. Add warm water to the sitz bath, combined with Holistic Wellness Beauty’s Herbal Rx to provide many soothing and healing effects.


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